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BarDee Boots is located in Harvey IL, a south suburb of
Chicago. BarDee Boots provides high quality service to all of
the Chicagoland area and the neighboring states of Indiana, Wisconsin and
Iowa. Established in 1998, BarDee Boots offers a unique exotic
styles and unmatched quality in western apparel that is worn by all. Cowboy
boots are not just for cowboys. We provide the comfort of style from the
west that have been worn for centuries from Texas to Hollywood CA. Rugged
and Style brought together at BarDee Boots that allow us to
provide our customers with long lasting handcrafted exotic skin footwear. Our knowledgeable staff assists each customer with apparel that will
complete any wardrobe from head to toe. We pride ourselves on being able
to giving each person a unique look with a large array of colors for the
handcrafted exotic skin of choice. Everyone should have western apparel
in his or her wardrobe and BarDee Boots has the style to fit your
personality whether you are a cowboy or cowgirl, a biker, in the corporate
arena, or just like to step out in high fashion. BarDee Boots will dress you in any style of western apparel that you can claim.